A New Approach To

Live Alcohol-Free

No more crossing your fingers, 'hoping' things
will be different this time. 

We do real life, in real time with the
right support and actions.



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If you're tired of screwing around with the struggle, fear, and overwhelm that lead you back to day one again, 
then it's time to do something different...



"I'm the person you come to when you're done with all the games. The fact you are on my page tells me you're done screwing around with shortcuts and temporary fixes."

- Angela

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"Working with Angela was the accountability and coaching that I so desperately needed. She helped me to reawaken the confidence within that I had drowned in alcohol over the last 2 years.


Her ability to encourage lovingly with a no B.S. approach, empowered me to love myself first, realign my priorities and protect my sobriety no matter what."

You want to:

 end hangovers permanently  -  have energy without being dependent on alcohol  -  and finally end the cycle of yo-yo sobriety.


But how can you achieve that sweet sober freedom when nothing's worked for you in the past?

It's actually a lot easier than you think - by simply having the right plan and the step-by-step guidance you'll have along the way, you'll see results! This program is unlike anything you've tried before.

Unique to your life

Working through your circumstances in your lifestyle, in real time.

Diminish cravings

No one quits drinking to be stuck with cravings 24/7. Fresh perspective, welcome relief. 


This isn't a "quit drinking" program like others you may have tried.

Quick results, Feel amazing

We'll figure out WHY you are struggling and HOW to break through.

100% Tried and true strategies

Science-based strategies to support habit and behavior change, from the inside out.

No more guess work

You'll take the right actions and create the plan you need to succeed. No more fear of family or social situations.


Your Transformational Program:


Renew You

Personalized Coaching For Alcohol-Free Living


Step into a transformational experience with Angela, your dedicated guide, as she walks side-by-side with you through "Renew You: Personalized Coaching for Alcohol-Free Living."

Want to know why most of your efforts for sobriety probably DIDN'T work?

Past attempts didn't work because:

➔ You know what to do, but don't follow through for yourself

➔ You keep learning more information but not taking action, or the right action

➔ You're isolated and trying to do it "on your own" because you feel embarrassed and ashamed

➔ You feel lost and alone, like no one understands what you are going through

This program gets amazing results because:

➔ We'll be on a 1:1 call every week so you have the right guidance, all the time

➔ You have Live Group Coaching calls each week so you have connection with your group

➔ Your group is full of love and support so you never feel alone

➔ You get LIFETIME ACCESS to your member portal full of tools for you to use over and over again


And what about the 3 most common mistakes that
keep you from solid sobriety

Quit drinking, but don't change anything else

Make the right changes so you are supporting your NEW life.

Thinking one day you'll be able to control it

If you need to control it, you've already lost control.

Doing it "on your own"

If it worked, we'd all do it that way and there wouldn't be 14,000 treatment centers in America.

Imagine what it will feel like when:

  • You wake up without a hangover feeling grateful you remember everything from the night before.
  • Your energy levels start to return and you feel better than you have in a long time. 
  • You enjoy deeper sleep and you wake up refreshed, and ready to take on the day.
  • You quickly and naturally look better, have a fresh face and feel more present with your family. 
  • Your confidence and self-esteem will grow immediately as you are learning to care for yourself and make healthy choices for you life.

What would it be worth to you, to feel calm and peace in your everyday life?

Here's what it's meant to others...


Its amazing how much better I feel emotionally and physically. I can
actually think about situations and make rational decisions now.


I feel so EMPOWERED. I am a healthier, happier, less reactive person who is becoming stronger and better equipped to lead and love my family with honesty and integrity.


Working with Angela changed my life. I love her so much!!  I am better at being a mom. I am a better friend, daughter and co-worker.


I thoroughly enjoyed the six week program and was sorry when it ended. I immediately signed up for the VIP group!

Sneak Peek at Just Some of the Pillars to Transformation You'll Explore on your 1:1 Calls: 

1:  Improving Relationships
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations: Learn techniques to transform challenging conversations into productive and easy dialogues, eliminating the fear associated with them. 
  • Partner Alignment: Discover strategies to involve your partner in your journey and comprehend how your choices impact your relationship. 
  • Enhancing Connections: Cultivate better relationships with your spouse, partner, friends, and children, fostering a deeper sense of connection and understanding. 


2:  Revamp Your Environment for Success
  • Eliminating Triggers: Identify and eliminate triggers that lead to drinking, creating a supportive environment for your alcohol-free journey. 
  • Embracing Fresh Signals: Surround yourself with positive cues and reminders that reinforce your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Exploring Non-Alcoholic Alternatives: Discover the exciting and delightful non-alcoholic drink options that add enjoyment to social situations (and are yummy!)

3:  Master Habits and Routines
  • Breaking Autopilot: Escape the cycle of old habits by becoming aware and intentional about your actions.
  • Positive Brain Rewiring: Rewire your brain with fresh, positive patterns that align with your alcohol-free goals. 
  • Elevated Actions: Elevate your daily routines and actions to support lasting change, setting the stage for a transformed lifestyle.



4:  Tackle Triggers with Confidence
  • Confronting Challenges Develop the confidence to face life's challenges head-on, equipped with coping skills to navigate difficult situations. 
  • Navigating Life's Maze: Skillfully navigate through people, places, stresses, and unexpected situations without relying on alcohol. 
  • Empowering Resilience: Strengthen your ability to handle life's curveballs and setbacks with resilience and self-assuredness. 


5:  Forge a Strong Support Network
  • Building Genuine Bonds: Create authentic, in-person connections with individuals who genuinely understand and support your journey. 
  • Accountability and Backing: Embrace accountability from friends, family, and your inner circle, enhancing your commitment to change. 
  • Overcoming Isolation: Break free from isolation and embrace true connection, allowing you to thrive in a supportive community. 
6:  Thrive in Everyday Life
  • Coping in the Daily Grind: Develop effective coping skills to manage the challenges of daily life without relying on alcohol. 
  • Managing Anxiety and Discomfort: Equip yourself with tools to navigate anxiety, discomfort, and challenges, fostering emotional well-being. 
  • Empowering Relationships: Strengthen your relationships by setting healthy boundaries, enhancing communication, and fostering intimacy. 


* Your Transformation Awaits *

So, if you're done with the games, the excuses, and the temporary fixes - if you're truly ready to take action and make a change - then you're in the right place. This is your moment to step into your power, to rewrite your story, and to become the sovereign ruler of your own life. 


Your Journey Starts Here


No more waiting, no more excuses - the time is now. 


Welcome to Renew You: Personalized Coaching for Alcohol-Free Living. 


Let's do this together. 


Are You Ready? Act Now!  

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Renew You: Personalized Coaching for Alcohol-Free Living

 Your 6-Week Journey to Transformation

$3295 or 2 payments of $1685

Angela's program is designed for high-functioning individuals like you who are ready to take control of their lives. With a commitment of just 2-3 hours a week, you'll be guided through group sessions, personalized 1:1 support, and an interactive program portal that holds the key to your lasting improvement. 

- Six 1:1 Sessions with Angela to guide you through your personalized journey

- Attend Weekly Group Life-Coaching from Angela

- Access to a Comprehensive Program Portal with resources and toolkits

- 6 Weeks of Free Access to Sober Society Membership for a thriving community with additional access to: 

- 4 Weekly Ongoing Peer Led Recovery Meetings

- Accountability Group Privileges

- Special Rates for Follow-Up 1:1 Sessions after your 6 sessions are up!


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Imagine feeling like this:


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"Best phone call I ever made. It changed my life. One day at a time I'm sober 2 years and 4 months!"

- May 2022 - 

Stop the Yo-Yo Sobriety
Stop feeling frustrated and confused
Get Control of Your Life Back...

... WITHOUT feeling isolated, alone, and overwhelmed.


"Best phone call I ever made. It changed my life. One day at a time I'm sober 2 years and 4 months!"

- May 2022 - 

Stop the Yo-Yo Sobriety
Stop feeling frustrated and puzzled
& Get Control of Your Life Back...

... WITHOUT feeling isolated, alone, and overwhelmed.


A Little Piece of My Story

There is always that one moment that changes everything. Some call it a light bulb moment, some a moment of truth, or a moment of clarity. Whatever you want to call it, it is fierce and usually unexpected. It comes down to a realization about yourself, your choices, maybe even your future. It is hard to deny and impossible to ignore.

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Are You Ready?  

You've heard the call, felt the desire for change, and now it's time to step into your empowered, alcohol-free future. Angela's Renew You: Personalized Coaching for Alcohol-Free Living is not just a program - it's a transformation, tailored to your unique journey.


☝️Say goodbye to the cycle of guilt and shame.

✌️Embrace empowerment and control over cravings

👌Build a foundation for a sustainable, fulfilling life. 

With Angela by your side, you're not alone. The guidance, support, and tools you need are right here, waiting for you to claim them. Picture a life where you're in the driver's seat, empowered to make choices that align with your true self.  

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If you're like many of the powerful people who work with me, you may find yourself feeling like the consequences of your drinking have hit you full force. You may have money trouble, family trouble, health trouble and even friend trouble. If you're spending a lot of time looking at your flaws and trying to see them without hating yourself, it's time to take action so you can begin to make changes to improve your life.

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