Andrea joined Sober Society and this is what she said...

Stop Struggling Alone!

It's scary to change your surroundings and learn new ways of living.

When the consequences of your drinking hit you full force you end up with money trouble, family trouble, health and friend trouble.
You know you should work on making new friends, finding new interests, having a group you are actually comfortable with... but you aren't.
Keep it simple with all the information in one place.  Join us, now.
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Your Roadmap To One Year & Beyond

Here's What You Get Once You're Inside:

When you finally put both feet in sobriety, it's so much easier.

Empowering Community

Online recovery meetings every week give you a group where you can actually feel comfortable and connect.

Ongoing Support

Not only do you get a private community and 4 online meetings per week, but you can also connect with an accountability partner

Get Answers

Utilize all the resources at your fingertips, and post your questions in the comments so you can get answers.

Others Have Gone Before You... Check Out What They're Saying

Sober Society members are getting huge wins, and I have been helping thousands of clients for more than a decade find sober success. Here's what they're saying:

You've Got Questions... I've Got Answers

No matter how you do recovery, Sober Society is an asset. Whether you're 2 days sober or 2 years, If you're looking to grow your sobriety and be a better human, Sober Society is for you.

Absolutely! I have commitment issues, too! You can cancel anytime with a few simple clicks, but do you really want to do that and be left without the warming support of other members on the same journey as you?

You sure can. In the VIP membership you have weekly group Coaching with Angela and other Coaches. AND... VIPs get a special rate to do individual Coaching with Angela. Being a VIP is totally worth it!

Sure you can, but that's going to take a while, and can you really find the training, support AND community to take your recovery and life to the next level? This program will take you by the hand and give you all the support and direction you need.

We have multiple online recovery meetings every week and are always adding more! 

No way, my friend. All of the content is in your member portal. The Facebook group is where we chat and engage with one another, but you will have all the good stuff in your member portal!

Absolutely! You can join the regular tier Sober Society membership for only $27/mo. You get a full resource library and weekly online meetings included.

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