Starter Kit

 Recovery in 15-20 minutes a day.


There's No Bad Time For A Good Strategy


What does your dream future look like?

You can get there! Sobriety isn't necessarily easy, but it is a simple process and the Recovery Starter Kit gives you a step-by-step daily strategy that takes you from overwhelmed and confused, to sober with ease! 

Are you ready? Start now.

What do I get?

Recovery Recipe Course

Step-by-Step guide fully narrated to walk you through each step, building your sober life, one step at a time.

Sober Sleep Relaxation

This added bonus gets deeper into relaxation and help with sleep. You'll be relaxed and sleeping like a baby in no time!

Free Resource List

ANOTHER BONUS! A full list of resources to start nourishing your recovery lifestyle. Books, videos, social media, online mags & more!

What Is the Recipe?

The Recovery Recipe is an easy framework to help you create the life and sobriety you want. Reduce anxiety, be confident because you have a process to follow, and feel freedom without alcohol. It's not a fairy tale, it works!

With what you want to accomplish each day, your thoughts have to be positive and your mindset powerful!

You find yourself feeling down, a ton of negative thoughts, high anxiety, but don't know exactly why. In this step we look at all the different information you are taking in on a daily basis, and what messages you are feeding your brain.

You're getting in the groove, don't slow down now! Take all that positive energy and look at small changes you can make to feed your body better!

Forget everything you know about recovery programs. With this process you don't need a degree in the steps to take control of your sober life. Learn how to build your sobriety, so it can protect you.

It's time to get serious about your life and your SELF! No matter your age, start investing time and energy into what makes you happy.

By this step, your mindset is strong and you are feeling the results you've been working for. Now, kick it up a notch with gratitude!

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to this course as it evolves and we continue to add MORE bonus material! This course will never get old, or become obsolete because we'll keep you in the loop with resources, plans, and strategies to keep your sobriety strong and give you the continued support, guidance, and motivation you deserve. 

Who Is Angela Pugh? 

More than a decade ago, Angela Pugh fought her way out of  debilitating alcoholism. What she learned in recovery turned into Recovery Recipe—the program that has helped loads of people change their lives and futures. Now, her podcast, Addiction Unlimited, reaches tens of thousands of listeners each month coaching people with simple life skills to make huge changes.


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