A New Approach To
Live Alcohol-Free

No more crossing your fingers, 'hoping' things
will be different this time. 

We do real life, in real time with the
right support and actions.



Maximize Your Life

Making big changes in your life can feel lonely. Friends and family don't completely understand, and that leaves you feeling like your problems are yours, and yours alone.

If you're like most of the amazing people I work with, you are probably getting clear on the fact that you have to do something

And you're definitely not alone.

I remember wondering what was wrong with me, wondering why I was so broken. I knew I needed to quit, but I couldn't figure out how to start stopping. 

I kept waiting, avoiding, ignoring... until I couldn't anymore.  

The one thing I can promise is, it's not as scary as you think. 

  Lots of starts and stops

 Struggle to stay committed to your decision

Don't know how to get through cravings without giving in and drinking

 Hiding drinking

Feeling like you're the only one

Feeling like no one understands

Not sure you can have fun without drinking

The good news is... there's nothing wrong with you and you're in the right place.


Sober Society VIP

Get all the perks of being a Sober Society member with a private Facebook group, weekly content and videos, and 3 online recovery meetings per week - PLUS Live Group Coaching every week.  

Only $97/mo


A Month of Coaching

For those of you who want more support and private guidance, this deal's for you! 4 sessions in 4 weeks, just you and me so that you can get relief and learn solutions that work for you, right now.

Only $1250


6 Week Signature Program

This is maximum support! We are hands-on together in 1:1 weekly individual sessions, a private chat with your group, weekly group sessions, and lifetime access to a  FULL resource library at your fingertips.

Only $2895


Easy Peasy

Have questions about a program? Get answers with a free consultation.


I've Still Got Questions

No worries, I've got answers - check out the most frequently asked questions below...

We will put the replays of each session inside the program (depending on which one you purchased) so you can refer back to them at any time.

In the Monthly Coaching and 6 Week Signature Program you get a ton of 1:1 time!

No problem. We have videos to guide you and Team Angela is always available to help. There's nothing too complicated so don't be intimidated!

The A-Team is always available to assist! You can reach out at [email protected].


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