10 Life-Changing Habits You Can Start Today

For those of us who love to constantly improve ourselves it's good to know there is no shortage of information on the internet to keep us busy getting healthy. Mentally, and physically. 

In my blog and article research one day I came across this fantastic article on Medium, and decided to share it with my audience. 

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Creating a life you love doesn’t happen overnight.

Unfortunately, we are so wired for instant gratification that when we don’t get instant results we easily fall into complaining about how hard everything is and, usually, give up and stop trying.

But before you can start creating the life of your dreams, you have to get some clarity on what you want your life to look like.

  • Who do you want to be?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What do you want your work to look like?
  • What do you want to do in your free time?
  • What type of life do you want to provide for your family?
  • What do you want a typical day to look and feel like?

Get clarity on what you want to create, then start utilizing these micro-habits to get you there.


10 Micro-Habits

Say ‘No’, More

We all have the same 24 hours every day. And most us are pulled a thousand different directions. Take some time to figure out what you need for YOURSELF.

How much alone time do you need? How can you create time for self-care, to unwind, to prepare for your next day, to exercise, spend time with your family?

If you want to do all the things then you have to be clear on when you have time to give to others. If I know Wednesdays are a super busy day for me, then I have to have clear boundaries around that day each week and know this isn’t a day I can extend myself for other activities.

Get a grasp on your time and get comfortable with saying ‘no’. Get comfortable having healthy boundaries with your time and energy.



Almost everyone who doesn’t journal has the same fear.

“I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to start. I don't know what to write.”

A vast majority of my journal entries start with me and the dog’s walk that morning because I usually journal in the morning.

My first line will be about the weather, or a neighbor we ran into, or something we saw… nothing important at all.

But as I continue to write about my day or what’s going on, then I easily slide into just writing my thoughts.

There is a therapeutic component to writing. This is why journaling is such a common recommendation. It allows you to free-flow without editing your thoughts or feelings. Because you are only writing to yourself.

As you get all those thoughts and feelings on paper you are processing through it and it gives you the opportunity to self-soothe.

If my stomach is in knots about something and it’s midnight, I’m turning to my journal to get all my feelings out. Self-soothe.



Get quiet with yourself.

If you want clarity, energy, and serenity then take a few minutes to get quiet with yourself.

Don’t let meditation intimidate you like if you aren’t an actual monk then you can’t do it. Meditation takes practice.

Here’s what you DON’T have to do:

  • Sit in a dark room
  • Close your eyes
  • Do it for 20 or 30 minutes or an hour

What you DO have to do, is TRY.

Find a 5-minute guided meditation on YouTube, get comfortable, and do what the voice tells you.

It’s okay if your mind wanders! Everyone’s mind wanders! It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or that you’re doing it wrong!

When your thoughts wander, take a second, get back to focusing on your breath, and listen to the voice.

There’s a reason it’s called a meditation practice. Because every time you do it you are practicing.

Don’t overcomplicate it or talk your self out of it. Just try.


Don’t React

Instead of reacting and over-reacting, take a second to pause. Collect more information, ask questions to clarify, then respond thoughtfully.

Be kind and respectful, even if you disagree, and respond.


Take Action FAST

You have 5 seconds to take action on a thought before your brain starts to talk you out of it.

“In her best-selling book The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins talks about taking action for things that require less than 5 minutes. Need to reply to an email? Just do it. Have an amazing idea? Write it down. Found a solution while you’re showering, take a break and jot that down.” **


Read A Lot

Read or listen to books as much as you can. If you don't like to sit down with a book in your hands, then go for the audiobook.

The great thing about audiobooks is they go with you through your day.

I can listen while I clean the house. Have to get in the car? It will come on your Bluetooth and you can continue to listen while you drive, or walk, or workout.

One of my favorite resources to continue learning and enriching myself is inspirational YouTube videos and TED Talks. There are millions of them and they can change your mindset in a moment.

For personal growth and development, reading plays a vital role.


Observe Your Patterns

Instead of jumping in the blame game and trying to figure out why your actions are someone else’s fault, or judging and shaming yourself for your circumstances, start to notice your patterns.

From the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed, start making a note of what pushes your buttons. Why did you get angry at that situation or person? What made you happy today? What irritated you during your day?

When you see your own buttons and how they get pushed, you can start to improve them!

What are your patterns? Are you defensive? Insecure? Bitter? Happy? Energetic? Positive?


Stop Complaining, Start Doing

Oh boy.

It is part of the human condition to complain.

Life is hard. There will always be adversity and difficulty.

If you want to stay stuck and wallowing in the problems and discomfort, falling into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself like it’s so much worse for you than anyone else… then you are going to stay stuck.

Stop obsessing about the problem and start obsessing about the solution.

There is nothing you can’t find an answer to with Google and YouTube and zero money. This is about investing your time and energy, not money.

I have taught myself countless things with nothing more than willingness and tenacity. Neither one of those things cost a dime.

I learned how to build a website, make graphics, do social media, build a business, speak Spanish, train dogs, start a podcast, make my bed like a professional designer, skin care, makeup, and about a million other things that fascinate me… all on Google and YouTube.

Start DOING.


Drink Lots of Water

Your body functions on water.

“…helps digestion, stabilized the heartbeat, flushing bacteria from your bladder, protects organs and tissues, along with tons of other benefits.” **


How Do I Improve My Day Today?

What can I do today to make my life better? And, what can I do to make someone else’s day better?!?

If you can start your day with this one simple thought, what can I do today to get me closer to where I want to be?

I promise, this habit will get you farther than hiding from your circumstances, avoiding, and not taking any action.

Can you get up 5 minutes earlier? Go for a short walk? Make coffee for your partner? Bring donuts or bagels to work for your colleagues? Work on your resume that you've been avoiding?

What tiny micro-decision can you make today to make your day and, eventually, your life.

What will you take action on?

This is a phenomenal list of things you can start practicing right now to change your life, your circumstances, and who you are. Take action!

Which one of these 10 things are you going to start with TODAY?


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**Original article by Yousuf Rafi: https://medium.com/know-thyself-heal-thyself/10-micro-habits-to-improve-your-life-in-the-next-10-days-3c6c2a21557f


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